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Office Rental in Singapore

Posted by vincentlowx on October 11, 2023

Singapore, known for its vibrant business environment and economic prowess, is a prime destination for companies seeking to establish a presence in Asia. As businesses continue to thrive and evolve, the demand for office rental spaces has seen a remarkable surge. In this article, we’ll delve into the dynamic landscape of office rental in Singapore, highlighting key factors to consider when searching for your next business home.

The Singapore Advantage: Singapore’s strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and business-friendly policies have long made it a top choice for multinational corporations and startups alike. Whether you’re looking for a bustling Central Business District (CBD) address or a tranquil suburban setting, Singapore offers a wide array of options to cater to diverse business needs.

Types of Office Spaces:

  1. Traditional Office Leases: ($3.8psf to $14psf) Companies seeking a long-term commitment often opt for traditional office leases. This provides greater control over customization but typically requires a longer lease duration.
  2. Grade A Office: ($10psf to $14psf)A designation used to describe high-quality, premium office spaces in real estate. These offices are typically associated with modern, well-maintained, and prestigious commercial properties that offer top-notch amenities and services. Here are some key characteristics of Grade A offices: Prime Location, High-Quality Building and Infrastructure, Amenities, Professional Services, Efficient Layouts, Green and Sustainable Features, High Rental Costs
  3. Business Park: (Price $3psf to $8psf) Business Parks (BP) are for businesses engaged in high-technology, research and development (R&D), high value-added and knowledge intensive activities. BPs have the following distinguishing features:
    • A range or variety of activities or uses which are technology and research-oriented industries and non-manufacturing in nature;
    • Have generous and lush landscaping, quality building designs, and wider range and variety of amenities and facilities.

    BPs can be developed on land zoned BP and BP-White. The White component is a flexible provision to allow for more GFA quantum to accommodate related uses synergistic with the dominant BP land use zoning. Related uses include residential, office, hotel, sports and recreation uses. The allowable quantum for White use is higher for land zoned BP-White. Usage: Core Media Activities, Research and Development, Data Processing, Central Distribution Centre, Test Laboratory, Product Design/Development, Industrial Training, E- Business, Manufacturing of High Technology Products using Advanced Processes

  4. Business 1 Industrial: (Price $2psf to $8psf)

    Allowable Uses

    Examples of allowable uses on B1 sites under the Predominant and Ancillary (or supporting) Use categories are shown below. Uses not indicated below shall be evaluated on the merits of the case.

    Allowable Predominant Uses

    Minimum 60% Predominant Use 
    (Light Industries)
    Printing / Publishing
    Food Industry
    Core Media1  Industrial Training

    Allowable Ancillary Uses

    Maximum 40% Ancillary Use
    Ancillary Office Meeting Room
    Showroom Selected Commercial Uses
    (In outlying areas)
    Childcare Centre Industrial Canteen
    Workers’ Dormitory Ancillary Display Area

    Core media activities, which are production services that require technical facilities such as studios and high-tech production software/hardware, are allowed as part of the 60% predominant use quantum in Business 1, Business 2 and Business Park developments.

    Types of Core Media Activities

    Core Media Activity Description Examples
    Pre-production* Provide creative conceptualisation, scripting, editorial editing, composing and text layout ESPN Star Sports, SPH
    Production^ Studio production (including dressing rooms), location production, audio recording, dubbing, media library services, printing press ESPN Star Sports, MTV Asia
    Network Programming# Scheduling, programme management, transmission services, origination playback ESPN Star Sports, AXN
    Post-production and Distribution@ Video editing, digital authoring, audio engineering, format conversion, standard conversion, tape duplication, image and audio restoration, film printing, optical disk media (eg mastering and replication), sorting and packaging for print media CNBC, Walt Disney TV, SPH

    The e-business activities shown in the table below are regarded as industrial uses allowed as part of the 60% predominant use quantum. Data Farms/Data Centers would require prior planning permission for an assessment to be made in consultation with the relevant technical agencies on the suitability of the premises for such uses.

    E-Business Activities regarded as Industrial Uses

    E-Business Activity Description Remarks
    Telecommunications Provides voice/data communication services such as data/information transmission, electronic message sending, voice calls and broadcasting services. Can be located in Business Park, Business 1 and Business 2 developments.
    Data Farm/Data Centre Requires the use of predominantly heavy equipment such as servers to process data. Excludes data processing that can be run on desktop computers or laptops.
    Internet Service Provider Provides access to Internet and other related services such as web hosting, web site building, etc.
    Software Development Provides software design, customisation and maintenance. Includes software application providers.
    Call Centre Centralised backend support functions that handle a large volume of telephone services primarily targeted at providing information to meet callers’ needs. Typically require large spaces for their operations, which comprise specialised technology and equipment. Can be located in Business Park and Business 1, but not in Business 2 developments.
  5. Business 2 Industrial: (Price $1psf to $2psf)

    Allowable Uses

    Examples of allowable uses on B2 sites under the predominant and ancillary (or supporting) use categories are shown below. Uses not indicated below shall be evaluated on the merits of the case.

    Allowable Predominant Uses

    Minimum 60% Predominant Use 
    (General Industry)
    Repair & Servicing
    Production Storage of chemicals, oils
    Assembly Knitting Mills
    Core Media1 E-Business2
     Industrial Training

    Allowable Ancillary Uses

    Maximum 40% Ancillary Use
    Ancillary Office Meeting Room
    Sick Room Diesel and Pump Point
    M&E Services Showroom
    Industrial Canteen Selected Commercial Uses

Location Matters: The choice of location can significantly impact your business’s accessibility and image. The CBD, Orchard Road, and Raffles Place are among the most sought-after areas in Singapore, boasting excellent connectivity and a prestigious business profile.

Cost Considerations: Office rental costs vary widely based on factors such as location, office type, size, and amenities. It’s essential to set a realistic budget and explore options that align with your financial plan.

Amenities and Facilities: When evaluating office spaces, take into account the available amenities and facilities. These can include meeting rooms, high-speed internet, reception services, and on-site cafes, which can enhance the overall work experience.

Lease Terms: Determine your preferred lease duration—ranging from short-term rentals to multi-year commitments. Evaluate how the lease terms align with your business growth strategy.

Choosing the Right Agent: Reputation, customer reviews, and the provider’s track record should be key factors when selecting an office space agent in Singapore. Established agent often offer comprehensive services and flexible solutions. You can let them know your requirements and they will source the right office for you.

Conclusion: As you embark on your journey to find the perfect office rental space in Singapore, consider your business objectives, budget, and long-term strategy. The city-state’s dynamic and thriving business ecosystem provides an array of choices to cater to diverse needs. Be sure to explore these options thoroughly and choose the one that best aligns with your vision for success in Singapore.

Ready to explore the world of office rental in Singapore? Connect with us today at +65 93799993 and let us guide you through the exciting possibilities that await your business in this thriving metropolis.

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